I Believe, I Declare

You don’t have to clean yourself up before you come to Him. Run to him now! He’s right there to catch you as you leap into His arms.


Heidi Krieghauser

About The Author

Although I had been a devout Christian for more than thirty years, it wasn’t until I was suddenly and unexpectedly widowed that I became a TRUE Faith Walker. In that one, life-changing moment of absolute crisis and chaos, I ran to God and He to me. I threw myself into His arms and He caught me and has never let me go.
Amid the indescribable pain and all of the uncertainty caused by the sudden and permanent departure of my beloved husband, I unexpectedly found what I had longed for all my life, the faith to trust Christ unconditionally. Absolutely unencumbered. Without fear. Without hesitation.

Since that time, Jesus has continued to reveal Himself to me in ways I never thought possible. My life now is a true fulfillment of Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.”


My purpose? To encourage, edify, and build up by sharing my very real, very practical, and very powerful message of God’s infinite and unconditional love. In doing so, it is my mission to inspire Christians to allow the Holy Spirit to INVADE their lives so that they may live fully and wholly for Jesus. Without Reserve.

My heart’s cry is the same as the Father’s for those who have yet to place their life and trust in Jesus’ hands. And with that first step to begin your journey as a Faith Walker.

So, if you have faced or are facing a trauma or tragedy, or just need some extra encouragement to build or find your faith, the journey to deep, stable faith in this uncertain world is possible. As you tether yourself to the truth that Jesus is unwavering and will never leave you or forsake you your faith will grow, and your uncertainty will fade.

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